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Nora Varga
Hi Jim. Long time, no see...:) I bet you will never find out, who I am.Now that I was writing an English letter, you came into my mind a very cherish way. I was remembering the time I was learning English form a Scotish teacher. That time I was sure I would one day learn proper English. Then, one day, in my workplace, I was asked about my strange accent? :) They were curious to know, where I had learnt English. I responded that I had learnt from a painter. Where was the painter from-they asked, since I had a very strange pronounciation. Of course I answered that he was Scotch. I was proud that noone but me was learning from a Scotish painter,
Hans Gertsen
Hi Jim, like your work. Was Nice to meet you in and around Sibiu.
Alan & Napa
Whoever reads comments on their own website! :) Best wishes from Glasgow.
Louise Nicol Savi
Hi Jim probably wont remember me ,from the central school of art ,so glad you are still painting love your bathers , hope you are well and happy love Louise
louise carroll (byfield)
hi Jim,Hope you are ok. Particularly like the Rail pix. Glad that you are still painting, still have some lovely watercolours of Louise.
Kathy Gaffney
Excellent way to show so many different colourful changes of light and movement in a single view; and the curiosity we feel glimpsing people and places.
Harry Tait
Great work Jim. Will write more now that I have tracked you down. It was Kathy actually cheers Harry
Yvonne Mcmanus
Saw one of the Red Dress paintings in Bothwell Gallery. It is a stunning visual. I hope to buy it.
Great choice of picture for the website. It looks very sharp.
Mark Harrower
Hope you're well Jim. Through a series of links including Szigeti FC and the Duncan Shiels memorial page I find myself on your site. Will now have a wee look round. All the best. Mark
David Szatmári
Great Work! I just love the stairs pictures!!!
Stephen Nicholas
Great site Happy B-day nice work, see where David gets it from
Top shelf stuff! Great technique. I hope I get to see your stuff at an exhibition. Cheers, J
Jim Urquhart sign